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Oliwrap ingredients

Oliwrap is 100% plant based and is made by a vegan owned company. It's important to us that the methods and ingredients we use are free from animal exploitation and leave as little environmental trace behind as possible.

Olea Europaea Fruit wax

Our olive wax is made from Spanish olives and has almost identical properties to beeswax.

Brassica Napus wax

Our rapeseed wax is UK produced and adds stability to the softer ingredients in our formula.


Colophony is made from pine sap and adds extra stick to Oliwrap. There's a more extensive discussion of it here.

Organic Ricinus Communis oil

Castor oil dilutes the brittler waxes and allows our formula to be applied more effectively to the fabric.

Cotton fabric

Oliwrap is made from 100% cotton fabric that will biodegrade at the end of its useful life.